Supply Chain Performance has many faces For every industry, and also for every type of organization, there is a specific area which is at a certain point in time the limiting factor for high supply chain performance There are typical areas in which some key “leading practices” should be applied to enhance the performance. But in most companies it requires a very specific setup for these practices to unfold their value The specific methods developed and applied by IN- NOVA ensure that the most important “sweet spots” are adressed in the right way, and a clear evolution towards the required set of capabilities is layed out.
Common element:  End - to - End visibility of all  relevant Supply Chain Stages Building material  supplier Electrical equipment supplier Printing machines supplier Electronics  materials supplier  Redesign of customer interface and order intake to provide innovative  services  Redesign of distribution structure and delivery planning  Comprehensive ,  standard logistics concept worldwide  Regional  differentiation of specific service strategies ,  and service portfolio  Integration  of order intake ,  shipments ,  and installation planning  Regionally differentiated order management concepts  Risk based production planning for raw material  manufacturing  Decouplling of the supply chain ,  supported with differentiated supply strategies