Integrated order management is the “Spider” in the internal web There are three main components of supply chain excellence: Demand management, integrated order management, and delivery / order status transparency Demand management tries to deliver information on the future state, and allows to order long lead time items as well as to prepare the capacity profiles. But, of course, this is only preparation for the real orders The order management function is the real backbone of actual operations. Orders are coming in, and need to be matched with inventories or production capacities. And, of course, available materials. For an integrated solution design, a supply chain concept with supply-, manufacturing-, and delivery classes need to be defined. This enables that the organization is prepared to match a certain type of order to a specified, particular execution type. The assignment of the execution type is done by order management. In order to commit time and volume to an incoming order, and to follow up on the actual situation of manfacturing progress, and shipment progress, the order management function needs to have all relevant information on hand, which can be seen as a spider web structure in the IT background. Please contact us if you would like to see for your company how this spider web should be composed in the information driven world.
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