Our energy is to enhance company performance - not to sell big tickets… Based on our vast experience in improving companies’ performance, and our passion to create high performing supply chains, we can offer you a lot of value for securing the future of your business, and the sucess of your operations. On the other side, we have seen too many cases where the desire of service providers to sell big projects has driven their recommendations how to move forward. And in most of these cases the “pushed” solutions were not really what the company needed at that point of time, and often led to more confusion than to significant benefits. On that basis we have chosen a very simple compensation model. We offer very focused service models, for which we ask to be paid for our efforts. But, because these are all high in scope but small in scale, pricing is really significantly lower than the value we will create for you, our clients. That is why we ask for a second contribution after the end of the identification phase (depending on the chosen model), and this compensation is totally voluntary for you, and should be linked to the value you think we have created for your company. If you do not see any value in what we have done for you, this component is ZERO. But, if you see a lot of value for your company, we consider it fair if you share a “fair share” with us for being your guide and navigator in sometimes “rough times”. A third contribution is foreseen 1-2 years later, when you see the positive impact of the measures described and defined. Again, this compensation element is totally voluntary. If the program has turned out to not be as helpful as you thought when you decided on it, there is nothing more to pay. But, if you are happy with the results (at least from our contribution…) it is on you to decide with us how you would like to share your benefits. Sometimes corporate governance and compliance regulations require to have a bit more “binding” or “foreseeable” conditions or amounts in place. It that is required, we can share some experiences on value created with you, the related compensations, and this could be entered as an orientation for the contract. But, as indicated above, the actual amount paid is absolutely discretionary, following your assessment of the value created.
IN-NOVA’S FEE MODEL looks for the compensation of the effort to help you to improve your company’s performance in the assessment engagements. And only if you see the value in our work we appreciate to participate in the value created. OUR PASSION IS TO CREATE VALUE CHAIN EXCELLENCE FOR YOUR COMPANY!