Integrated Business Management Customer  integration Production  flexibility Supply reliability Demand management KPI / Performance management SC Organization Inventory management Logistics management Integrative SI&OP as a key top management process to balance demand  and supply (Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning) Integrated supply chain organization concept, covering planning,  collaboration, and improvement Advanced planning systems to optimize capacity utilization, and  schedule orders Response management systems to allocate scarce products, capacities,  and materials Supply network collaboration platforms to speed up volume and time  commitments Demand sensing to combine different sources of forecast for optimal  demand plans Multi - stage inventory optimization to  rightsize inventories with required  service levels Supply Chain risk management to enable business continuity Supply chain  operations planning Integrated transport - management systems to plan, allocate, and  execute transport and order fulfilment Order progress monitoring Integrated, real - time supply chain event management systems to enable  performance transparency (track and trace)  Focused, consistent and continuous performance monitoring to enable a  “learning and improving organization” Customer segmentation, targeted collaboration solutions as well as  specific supply chain designs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Leading practices for advanced Supply Chain companies Companies which operate in an advanced supply chain mode have already realized a consistent, internally and externally integrated supply chain. They act as an internal chain, and also as an external chain element towards suppliers, and towards customers. In order to control their operations along the chain, they are using a sophisticated set of IT enablers which provide transparency, support decisions, and have automated large parts of their planning. As a result, they have smoothly running regular operations, and therefore can focus their energy on the occasional extraordinary situation - deviations in volumes, short term customer orders, and short term disturbances on the supply side. All these sophisticated tools and enablers require a solid foundation - in data integrity, transparency, controls, speed, reliability, and flexibility of operations. Click here to learn more about the foundations. Please contact us if you want to learn more on how these tools can improve your operations, and what the preconditions are to operate these systems.