Seamless integration and integrity: You are in the lead - open to adapt to your working style and methods Emphasis on integrating with your teams, and reflecting your approach and style to clients Challenging discussions internal, but „one- face-to the client“ approach Client protection – it‘s your client! No suprises – always using prepresents to align with client executives
Reinforcing your teams to add value to clients, your team, and you business: Temporary expertise for advisory and management Support of challenging / special expertise project situations in analysis, solution design, implementation, and change management Interim management to address specific implementation and change management requirements
On-the spot, ready-to-use knowledge, experience and expertise for challenging projects: Over 20 years of supply chain, and value chain consulting (Strategy, IT-Enablers, Segmentation, Integration, Collaboration, Complexity management, Expertise in all value chain functions) Special expertise in fast, high-impact analytics, issue scoping, and approach framing Facilitation of workshops on executive, and on operational level Support in developing high-impact proposals (approach, content, challenger) Scoping workshops with potential clients on issues and improvements Programm management, and project management Diplomacy along the supply chain, integration, collaboration, and conflict management Supporting Management of Change with specific interventions, management coaching, dealing with „grey eminences“