IN-NOVA’s methods towards Value Chain Excellence are based on a set of targeted key enablers: Synchronization of the supply chain, intense levels of high-quality, high-impact collaboration, and this supported by a targeted blend of required technologies. This includes a wide range of “digital” technologies, but also a lot of “traditional” engineering technology. Systematic, integrative, and joint efforts to achieve mastery in all three dimensions of value chain excellence: o Functional Excellence to provide high mastery within each function‘s task spectrum: Fast, agile, effective, efficient, on-time, on-cost, no waste. o Horizontal Excellence to allow and support a seamless flow of orders, materials, and products along the supply chain, from sales and spare parts management, through all SC operations, down to the supply base o Vertical Excellence to integrate the different contributions and needs of the functions to be prepared for fulfilling orders, and to accomplish deliveries, such as: Products developed for manufacturability, packaging, and shipments; product ramp up coordinated and timely, and financial targets supporting the individual performance requirements.
Integration of supply chain with the overall value chain is the foundation of high performance - always using the contributions in each excellence dimension The supply chain can only deliver optimal performance if it is fully and truly embedded into an enabling value chain environment Each company, and each supply chain has a different, individual blend of required excellences Integration and Excellences are geared towards improving internal and external collaboration (internal functions, customers, suppliers, partners) With so many participants involveld, power games become a regular topic but also are obstacles towards true performance. Therefore the appropriate “Balance of Powers” is necessary to achieve maximum value-adding impact from all participantes Targeted outsourcing and partnering brings additional perofmance leverage when it is build on super-strength of selected providers, not just on cost advantages (which are mostly short term, or involve significant hidden cost) A necessary focus of all measures is on enhancing agility and resilience of operations along the end-to- end supply chain.