This is a selection of larger projects in the past, reflecting the wide experience profile: Chemicals: Design and operational program management for the implementation of the integration of all procurement and purchasing functions of three acquired companies into the newly formed parent company Chemicals: Design and operational implementation program management for the introduction of an integrated production, warehouse and shipment management to balance market volatilities and required capacity flexibility; definition and implementation of customer segment specific supply chains to match specific requirements, and to separate conflicting internal processes Chemicals: Design and implementation of globally harmonized production planning and detailed scheduling process based on a SAP SCM template. Rollout of the template to plants in the region North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Chemicals (Trade): Smart inventory allocation & optimization project by establishing a corporate Sales & Inventory Optimization (SIP) process and realization of a tool to enable turn-rate based inventory allocation across a European distribution network & optimize central/local warehouse stocks Aluminium products: Redesign and implementation project and program management of the production and supply chain processes, incl. redesign of the required IT enablers to allow faster and more cost efficient product supply to customers Construction Materials: Establishing international SAP SCM-based Demand & Supply Planning process by training and coaching the customer in integrated cross-functional supply chain management principles Construction Materials: Developing a European-wide Sales and Product portfolio optimization initiative by introducing service classes, and service types in the supply chain Construction Materials: Developing a global logistics strategy, the leadership organization, identifying cost reduction potentials along the entire chain, and developing new, innovative service offerings based on supply chain excellence Fashion/Consumer goods: Redesign of the global manufacturing network for the largest division, leading to a inventory reduction of 60%, and at the same time increase of store availability service levels from 40% up to 92% Retail & Consumer Products: Introduction of an integrated demand planning and related internal lean/Kanban based processes to match market volatility; building an innovative link between weather forecast and production /shipment planning Consumer goods: design and realization of a holistic planning concept (from demand planning to detailed scheduling) including system support based on SAP SCM to create the optimal balance between planner experience and planning system automation Consumer Products: Design and establish a central SAP ERP-based sales & production capacity planning process including IT specifications for subsequent implementation of demand planning software Food manufacturer: Increased supply chain efficiency by implementing lean methods at the shop floor level and establishing a cross-functional integrated tool-based demand & supply network planning process (demand solution) Food Manufacturer: Support customer to establish a comprehensive SC Performance improvement program by establishing an organizational S&OP process, coaching the central S&OP change agent and conduct several SAP ERP-based process enhancements Fragrances and Flavours: Design and operational implementation program management to optimize global inventory management by creating a new supply chain vision and strategy, and a set of targeted measures to implement a new supply chain concept from raw materials down to customer consumption processes Flavours: design of end-to-end process improvements from customer segmentation, segment specific supply chain services and forecasting to logistics and production planning. Evaluation of benefit potentials in business case. Prioritization of identified measures and realization of selected scope. Pharma / Life Sciences: Performance benchmarking of European manufacturing site network; Reassignment of manufacturing roles according to future manufacturing footprint Pharma / Life Sciences: Definition and implementation program management for the introduction of a risk-oriented concept for managing the contract manufacturing network Pharmaceutical / Life Sciences: Assessment of supply chain risks linked with product registration and managing the global manufacturing network High-Tech: Design and operational program management for new local and global Supply Chain Structures, Organisation and IT-Systems. Concept was based on understanding the specific requirements of products and production processes, leading to an innovative, risk-oriented supply management concept Electrical components: Intense change management, new design and operational program management for a redesign of global logistics. In this engagement we covered the complete requirements assessment of 15 business units and a complex markets organisation, and realized organizational structures, processes, as well as IT enablers and rules. Special attention to ease of integration of future acquired entities. Machinery: Redesign and implementation of the entire order-to-delivery cycle by introducing an integrated order-, project- and capacity-management Machinery: Design and operational program management in reshaping of global organization and order management to facilitate business growth and increased international footprint. Included redesign of the various ERP systems into one global ERP. Machinery & Components: Increase productivity and reduce buffer times in a multi-level production process at a manufacturer of control cabinets by designing a global template and implementing an automated detailed multi-level scheduling tool Machinery: Optimization of Working Capital based on integrated supply chain methods, throughput-time oriented order management, and integrative inventory management. Included installation date driven shipment management Trains and Locomotives: Introduction of an web-enabled order management for inbound supply, covering processes, IT systems, supplier clustering, and performance management Automotive & textile industry supplier: Establishinga customer-centric end-to-end planning & control process by designing and implementing a global demand & supply planning process for a global production and logistic network including SAP BI, SCM DP & SNP Automotive (OEM): Elaborate & design an innovative production planning approach to combine Japanese Lean Manufacturing principles (Heijunka) with traditional requirements-based planning approach including IT specification for realization in SAP ERP Automotive supplier: Optimizing and vitalizing an existing Sales & Operations Planning process in order to function properly; main enabler was to understand the required enablers for collaboration along the supply chain