Some quotes regarding our work: “Very well founded and systematic approach, delivered high-value recommendations in a short period of time. Results are already implemented to a high degree, generating significant business value for us. We very much appreciated the creativity in coming up with new, very suitable solutions for us.” HEAD OF GLOBAL LOGISTICS, DAX-30 “Superb work - we have released over 30% of unused capacity in our production, by implementing the set of recommendations for our new supply chain model. This provides us with much more flexibility, and also much shorter oder lead times for our customers. Now we can work with almost no forecast, but on a much lower cost base which has brought us back two positions to being Nr 3 in the world market again. We were impressed by the adaptiveness of the work style, the quality of the solutions, and the deep understanding on how IT systems drive supply chain performance - he has shown us ouf new, future way.” HEAD OF SUPPLY CHAIN STRATEGY, SEMICONDUCTORS “ I am working for over 30 years in logistics - but what we have received in this project was really top-nodge! The solutions and recommendations were very helpful for us to shape our supply chain to be fit for the future. We have seen a very professional and integrative approach how to conduct joint work sessions, reach top-managmeent agreement for results, and how to develop a fully implementable organizational solution.” HEAD OF CORPORATE LOGISTICS, METALS SOLUTIONS “We had a big mess here, with all business units not wanting to have a shared logistics function. But based on the extremely integrative, and very creative and convincing work of our lead consultant, we reached a very deep understanding of our logistics requirements in our corporation, and also on the business needs of every business manager. And the solution created gave all business managers so high confidence in reaching their ambitious business targets, that in the end we could not stop their desire, and could almost not be fast enough, to build and realize a joint, integrated global logistics function.” HEAD OF GLOBAL LOGISTICS, DAX-30 “This project was amazing - we learned so much about supply chain … and although it was very hard to accept that we are at “Level 0” in regards to our global supply chain, it was the right starting point for us. It gave us a clear perspecitve of what we can reach in the near future, and which topics we initially wanted to implement earlier to be put on a later stage. He has helped us tremendously to master the business transformation, but also in a lot of operational and organizational details. His integrative and adaptive workstyle was a role model how a professional consultant should be.” HEAD OF GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN, MACHINERY