As a start - our business objective is not to sell you a “big ticket”, but to support you in your ambition to establish a successful future for your company! Our speciality is on the identification of your improvement needs. For that we have developed a set of “High-Impact” tools and methods which we use for your benefit. Our overriding ambition is to improve collaboration and synchronization in all of your supply chain related operations. In today’s IT-driven world, this includes all required digital and other technologies. This goes well beyond the “traditional” supply chain functions, and addresses all key areas of your value chain. Based on many projects with very different settings, objectives, and requirements, these two main drivers of supply chain performance have been identified Based on the individual insights regarding your company and your improvement needs, we tailor an individual evolution strategy for you which then is jointly broken down into performance enhancement programs, with projects which address only those areas with improvement needs. And, of course, a sequential concept how to establish foundations before you go into the “fancy stuff”. If you feel having a benefit from it, we also support you in the selection of the required service providers, if you can not master the programs and projects with your inhouse resources. We can recommend suitable experts for your long- or short- list, according to the process you feel most comfortable with. One of the particular areas of our interest is to get you out of the state of “Projectionitis” - a condition in which many projects are conducted in parallel, many people are working on many projects, and lots of management time is absorbed by managing all these projects. We help you to focus and streamline your projects and improvement activities - therefore everyone involved has a clear focus, high impact to develop the required contributions, and therefore fast project delivery with high result quality.
Individualized, coaching- style approach to enhance your supply chain performance Comprehensive analysis, and design of focused, high-impact, tailored solutions Supporting implementation and transition
• Faster supply chains • Higher  delivery capability • Higher  transparency • Better responses to bottlenecks • Higher  transparency • Focused measures and activities • Adjustable to changed situations • Better comprehensibility • Higher  throughput of  projects • Reduced „ hidden cost “ • Higher  staff - effectiveness • Motivated staff members • Targeted access to competencies and personal  energy