IN-NOVA’S BUSINESS CHECK creates personalized insights into necessary action areas, and highlighting of details in the functional and business requirements
The BUSINESS CHECK delivers an actionable program for improvement The IN-NOVA BUSINESS CHECK integrates the HEALTH CHECK management workshop with a targeted preparation phase. Based on a targeted, selective set of interviews with the participants, and a focused analysis of some key supply chain characteristics, a deeper relationshiop with the workshop participants is achieved, and a better reasoning on the contributions (strengths, improvement areas, challenges) is possible. The enriched facilitation as well as the increased engagement of all participants delivers a high but also very profound variety of insights in regards to current supply chain performance, challenges, and improvement needs. Based on the composition of participants from various functional areas, a wide scope of professional perspectives and experiences contributes to the success of this BUSINESS CHECK. In the quantitative preparation, some key metrics are analyzed. Besides the specific values evaluated, this also serves to get familiar with the current level of performance management, and the metrics currently used for managing the supply chain. Key topics we typically aim for in this section is information regarding on-time delivery (OTIF), customer complexity, and product portfolio complexity. The interviews are conducted using the IN-NOVA FOCUS INTERVIEW technique. In this format, the perspective of the interviewed person on the entire company, on other functions, and also on his own department is in the focus. A systematic check of advanced supply chain practices is incorporated in this interview, and also a very individualized view on main improvement areas. For the latter, it also includes a discussion on main obstacles for achieving these improvements. These interviews are conducted in a confidential 1:1 format, and contents are kept confidential to the consultants. Overall results of the interviews are prepared, using statistical and graphical methods, and selectively shared at the beginning of the management workshop. By doing so, we keep the privacy of the individual statements, but can share key insights in a systematic manner. The assessment on the status regarding “leading practices” is shared during the workshop, but only after the participants have brought up their individual points regarding strenghts, and improvement needs. This approach facilitates the unbiased collection of ideas, but it helps to identify the highlights and main action areas. At the end of the BUSINESS CHECK management workshop, the results are very similar to the HEALTH CHECK results, but much more profound, and with a higher level of agreement and acceptance among the participants. Often it is possible to derive a specific project portfolio from this 2-day- event.