Customer  integration Production  flexibility Supply reliability Demand management KPI / Performance management SC Organization Integrated Business Management Inventory management Logistics management Supply chain  operations planning  Order progress monitoring Inventory record accuracy Measurement of  forecast accuracy Automated real - time  delivery receipt Integrated  master data management Supply  reliability measurement Order  track and trace measurement Total  capacity utilization measurement Real - time  reporting on  selected KPI On - time, on - site,  in - spec delivery measurement • Availability to deliver • Reliability to deliver • Order  change reason codes Consolidated warehouse network Business  data warehouse Clean  order /  Perfect order concepts Barcode  based goods and order handling
Foundations of advanced Supply Chain concepts Companies which operate in an advanced supply chain mode are using a sophisticated set of organizational concepts, but also IT enablers which provide transparency, support decisions, and automate large parts of their execution. Over the years, they have established many practices which once were “Best Practices”, but now have reached a high level of common use in industry and supply chains. They are no longer differentators, but are only prerequisites to manage the basics of a well performing supply chain. And these form the foundation for any of the advanced solutions. Please contact us if you want to learn more about which foundations are relevant for your operations, how your current performance levels are in these, and how to leverage from this foundations to enhance your supply chain performance.